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Is the oil dangerous?
The Harbor Master has taken samples. These are being sent to the Netherlands to determine exactly what is in the oil and how dangerous it is for animals and humans.

Can I go into the water?
At Sorobon, Lac, and Lagun, the advice is not to go into the water.

Can I help?
All offers of help are certainly appreciated. For safety reasons, we leave the cleanup of the oil to the experts. If you come across oil, you can report it to STINAPA.

Is it safe to go into the water on the west coast?
Yes, it is safe to go into the water on the west coast.

Why didn’t you do anything to prevent this?
Despite the measures taken and all monitoring, we were unable to prevent this. We have been able to limit it, but not prevent it.

How long will it take?
Unfortunately, we cannot say how long it will take.

Can I file a claim?
At this moment, our first priority is to clean up the oil. Afterwards, we will investigate who may be liable for any costs.

How many animals have suffered/died?
Birds are being taken to Wild Bird Rehab. Unfortunately, some fish have died. The total number is not clear. Fortunately, no turtles smeared with oil have been found yet. If you see animals covered in oil, please report it to STINAPA.

What will they do with the cleaned-up oil?
The oil will be processed at Selibon.

Is it allowed to fish?
You may not fish at Lac, but you may fish at sea.