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The OLB makes every effort to prepare citizens as best as possible for disasters and crises. However, the OLB cannot do it without the help of citizens. Therefore, it is important that citizens take responsibility and prepare properly for potential disasters and crises. On this website, you will find information on what you can do before, during, or after a disaster or crisis. During a disaster or crisis, you will find important information and the latest news here.

What does the OLB do?

The government has its own disaster team, with the Lieutenant Governor as its chairman. The team includes representatives from the police, fire department, Foundation Mariadal, and the Red Cross, among others. Every year, the team conducts crisis and disaster exercises for all groups that need to take action in the event of a crisis or disaster.

When a disaster is imminent, the members of the disaster team immediately come together. They discuss the advices they can provide and the measures they need to take quickly. For example, removing boats when a storm is approaching or closing schools if necessary. During a crisis or disaster, the disaster team regularly shares the latest news through social media, radio, and television.