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Update Washed Up oil Bonaire: Governor oleana visits affected area

Kralendijk – Governor Oleana visited the affected area on Thursday. He engaged in conversation with entrepreneurs, STINAPA, and Defense who came to offer assistance. Oleana is very pleased with the help from all authorities that have assisted in cleaning the waters and coastal area and has thanked them for their effort. “It is wonderful to see that together, in a short span of time, we could make significant progress and that the entrepreneurs in the affected area can reopen their …

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Update oil Washed Up Bonaire: Sorobon will reopen

Tonight, Governor Oleana has decided that the area at Sorobon will reopen on Friday, March 1st, from 9 AM. After careful consideration and in close consultation with local entrepreneurs and experts, it has been decided to welcome the public back to Sorobon. Since the oil is not completely gone from the water, there is an urgent advice not to enter the water. There may still be small oil pebbles on the beach. If one inadvertently comes into contact with this …

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Oil Washed Up on Bonaire

Oil slicks have been discovered in the waters of Sorobon, Lac, and Lagun. Unfortunately, this oil has also washed ashore. STINAPA, the Caribbean Netherlands Fire Department (BKCN), WEB, Defense, and Agriculture Fisheries Livestock (LVV) are working hard to clean up this oil. In addition, the Harbor Master has taken samples of the oil. These are being sent to the Netherlands to determine exactly what is in the oil and how dangerous it is for animals and humans. Until then, the …

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