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What to do before a storm, hurricane

  • Ensure that the house and garden are in order. Remove objects in the garden that can cause damage if the wind carries them way.
  • Find a safe place to take shelter, at home with family, or in a shelter.
  • Put important documents such as passports, driver’s licenses, and identification cards in a waterproof plastic bag.
  • Put your medications, your medications list, and those of your householders in a waterproof plastic bag.
  • Cover windows with plywood boards or stick duct tape on the windows from the top left corner to the bottom right corner and vice versa.
  • Prepare an emergency supply kit including extra cash, batteries, flashlight, battery-operated radio/TV, bottled water (3 liters per person per day), toilet paper, canned food, can opener, candles, and medications.
  • Ensure that your mobile phone is fully charged.
  • Bring all pets indoors.
  • Take pictures or videos of your house before the hurricane or storm. This will be useful if you need to file an insurance claim for damages.
  • Stay updated with the latest news through local radio, TV stations, and government social media channels. Monitor weather forecasts on and
  • Make sure you and your family members know what to do.

What to do during a storm, hurricane

  • First, ensure your own safety and the safety of your householders.
  • Stay indoors! Do not go outside to film or take pictures of the severe weather.
  • Do not go out to sea.
  • Stay in the part of the house that is not directly facing the wind.
  • Stay updated with the latest news through local radio and television.
  • Call 911 if you need assistance urgently.

What to do after a storm, hurricane

  • Repair minor damages yourself.
  • For major damages, call for help: 911.
  • Assist people in your neighborhood if needed.
  • Follow the advice of the disaster team.
  • Go to a shelter if you cannot stay at home due to major damage.