Welcome to the crisis website of the Public Entity Bonaire. This website is online when there is a crisis. That is why you can now find all information about COVID-19 on this website.

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Q&A’s general questions

Last update: January 16th, 2021

This information has been compiled by the Public Entity of Bonaire (OLB) in collaboration with the Public Health Department Bonaire and other organizations.

The list is continually updated. The developments surrounding COVID-19 are unpredictable; situations, rules and circumstances may change at any moment.

For the latest news please see the OLB press releases on its Facebook page.

If you have a question that is not yet included in the list, please e-mail it to info@bonairegov.com

No rights can be derived from the information on the Q&A list. 

What is the point of the temporary law COVID-19 measures for the residents of Bonaire? And is there a an emergency orginance currently in place?

Not much will change for the residents themselves. The Act describes how the measures pertaining to the various COVID-19 risk levels are regulated. In accordance with the Act, the Governor will decide which measures are applicable to Bonaire at any certain moment in time. Only the rules for travel to Bonaire are still determined by the emergency ordinance.

Is there an overview of the level 4-measures currently applicable for Bonaire?

The measures for COVID-19 are related to the risks involved for a variety of different circumstances. We have published a diagram, which distinguishes 6 different levels in the developments around COVID-19. The diagram shows the applicable measures for each level. Bonaire has moved to level 4 on January 9th, 2021. For an overview of the measures for level 4, please visit: https://www.bonairecrisis.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Risiconiveaus-NL.pdf

Why are there different regulations in Bonaire compared to Curacao and/or Aruba?

Each island decides on the conditions for entering, based on the local situation, and in line with the responsibilities of the local governments of the islands. 

Experts and policy makers of the 6 islands are constantly in contact, as well as with the Netherlands concerning entry requirements. Regulations are synchronized as much as possible. 

Which protocols are currently in place?

Based on the recommendations of the RIVM, Bonaire has implemented a number of basic rules and entry measures. Protocols have been established based on these measures, in close cooperation with the Public Health Department: 

These protocols are also included in the Bonaire COVID-19 roadmap.

In addition, individual organizations and businesses have established their own protocols. They communicate these through their own channels.

How long will traveler information be saved?

It is important for the contamination source and contact tracing procedures for traveler information to be available for a maximum of 14 days after departure of the traveler, in case of a COVID-19 contamination of a potential contact with the traveler. The Public Health Department keeps the contact details of a traveler to Bonaire for a maximum of 14 days after departure.

Hotels, resorts and transportation providers for tourists, maintain logbooks of potential contact with and between tourists. These will be saved for 14 days after departure as well.

Which criteria are the basis for the decision if a country is considered ‘safe’ or ‘at risk’?

Whether a country is safe, is considered every two weeks, as recommended by the RIVM, taking into account the health care capacity of the island.

How much time will there be between the announcement and implementation of a flight restriction and could I still travel home?

If it is deemed necessary to implement flight restrictions, there is no guarantee for Bonaire’s residents that they can return home. In practice, organizing flight restrictions will take a while. This period could be used to return home, but as stated earlier, no guarantees are given. 

In addition, when you travel from Bonaire, take into account the situation in your destination country as well: it the situation changes there, there will be no guarantee to return to Bonaire as well.

How will we deal with cruise passengers when cruise ships aree allowed to visit Bonaire?

At this moment it is unknown when cruise ships will (be allowed to) visit Bonaire again. When requests for port calls will be received, the authorities will consider the risks for COVID-19 contamination, in relationship to the health care capacity, and take appropriate measures. At this moment, the basic rules apply for all people in Bonaire, citizens and visitors, as well as visitors arriving by boat.