Welcome to the crisis website of the Public Entity Bonaire. This website is online when there is a crisis. That is why you can now find all information about COVID-19 on this website.

Travel requirements for people 12 years and older who have had Covid-19 in the previous eight weeks

Kralendijk- Travelers aged 12 years and older who have had COVID-19 in the previous eight weeks must undergo an antigen test at a laboratory within 24 hours before departure. They must also possess a statement of proof from a laboratory, health care facility or doctor confirming that they have had COVID-19 in the previous eight weeks. Upon arrival on Bonaire, they will receive a free self-test to administer at their residence. On the fifth day after arrival, travelers staying longer ...

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PCR test and self-test for all travelers from the Netherlands and the US

Mandatory quarantine for unvaccinated travelers from high-risk and very high-risk countries Kralendijk - From Wednesday 22 December, 2021 all travelers aged 12 years and above from the Netherlands and the US must undergo a PCR test within 48 hours before departure to Bonaire and then a self-test upon arrival. Travelers will receive a self-test free of charge, which they must administer themselves at their holiday accommodation on the day of arrival. If they test positive, they must then go into ...

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Where on Bonaire can tourists and residents get tested for coronavirus before their trip abroad?

If you need a test result in order to be able to travel abroad, you may obtain one from a number of commercial parties on Bonaire: BonBida  http://www.bonbida.com/covid-19-pcr-testing-on-bonaire Hestia (working with BonLab) www.bonairesafetravel.org BonLab  www.bonairelab.org/ Covid Test Bonaire https://coronatestbonaire.com/ The Public Health Department will only test you if you have symptoms.

Waar op Bonaire kunnen toeristen en bewoners zich op corona laten testen, voor hun reis naar het buitenland?

Als je een testresultaat nodig hebt voor je reis naar het buitenland, dan kan dat op Bonaire bij een aantal commerciële partijen: BonBida www.bonbida.com/covid-19-pcr-testing-on-bonaire Hestia (i.s.m. BonLab) www.bonairesafetravel.org BonLab www.bonairelab.org/ Covid Test Bonaire https://coronatestbonaire.com/ De afdeling Publieke Gezondheid test je alleen als je symptomen hebt.

Do test requirements change for travelers who travel to Bonaire having transited or transferred elsewhere?

For travelers traveling to Bonaire who have transited or transferred elsewhere, the following rules and test requirements apply: * For travelers who stay on the airplane or at the airport during a stopover, the conditions of the country of origin remain valid for the continuation of their trip to Bonaire. * After a stay of least 14 days, will the conditions of the stopover country apply for the continuation of a traveler’s trip to Bonaire. * For travelers who leave ...

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Ki eksigensianan di tèst ta kambia pa biaheronan ku ta bini Boneiru via tránsito/kambio di avion?

Pa biaheronan ku ta biaha pa Boneiru via tránsito / kambio di avion, e siguiente reglanan i eksigensianan di tèst ta na vigor: * Pa biaheronan ku ta keda den avion òf na aeropuerto durante eskala di e avion, e kondishonnan di e pais for di unda e avion ta bini ta keda na vigor pa kontinuashon di nan biahe pa Boneiru. * Na momentu ku e bishita na e pais kaminda e avion a hasi eskala ta dura por ...

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Veranderen de testvereisten voor reizigers die transit/via een overstap naar Bonaire komen?

Voor reizigers die transit/met een overstap naar Bonaire reizen, gelden de volgende regels en testvereisten: * Voor reizigers die tijdens de tussenstop in het vliegtuig of op de airport blijven, blijven de voorwaarden van het land van herkomst geldig voor het vervolg van hun reis naar Bonaire. * Wanneer het land van de tussenstop minstens 14 dagen wordt bezocht, gelden voor de reizigers alleen de voorwaarden van het land van de tussenstop, voor het vervolg van hun reis naar Bonaire. ...

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Register online for antigen-test upon arrival at Bonaire airport

Kralendijk - Travelers to Bonaire who must undergo an antigen-test/quicktest, can book this test online. The test will be taken at the airport of Bonaire.  To book this test please visit www.bonairesafetravel.org. As of June 1st, 2021, travelers can undergo the antigen test upon arrival at Flamingo Airport. This is important, espcecially to Dutch and American travelers. The Netherlands and the United States are high-risk countries. All travelers from high-risk countries who have not taken a PCR/NAAT within  24 hours ...

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