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Do test requirements change for travelers who travel to Bonaire having transited or transferred elsewhere?

For travelers traveling to Bonaire who have transited or transferred elsewhere, the following rules and test requirements apply:

* For travelers who stay on the airplane or at the airport during a stopover, the conditions of the country of origin remain valid for the continuation of their trip to Bonaire.

* After a stay of least 14 days, will the conditions of the stopover country apply for the continuation of a traveler’s trip to Bonaire.

* For travelers who leave the airport during a stopover and pass through customs & immigration, the conditions of both the country of origin and stopover apply for the continuation of their trip to Bonaire. If a test requirement applies from either of the two countries on arrival on Bonaire, this obligation must be met.
Travelers who, due to circumstances, cannot meet the requirements to travel to Bonaire, should immediately contact publichealth@bonairegov.com

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