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Additional test for American travelers, exception for short stays

Kralendijk  – From Wednesday, 1 September, 2021, all American tourists must undergo a free antigen test at the Public Health Department (PG) on day 5 after their arrival. The reason for this is the fact that -from that date on- the United States has been designated a high-risk country for Bonaire. An appointment will be made for this test upon arrival at Bonaire airport. An exception will  apply to travelers on a short stay.

US travelers who are on Bonaire for  a seven-day stay should theoretically undergo the antigen test at PG five days after their arrival and a test with a commercial company for their return trip. However, these travelers  will  not have to undergo an antigen test at PG on the fifth day of their stay. They will be allowed to undergo only the test for their return trip at a commercial company, as long as that result is sent to PG.

The exception applies to US travelers who need to undergo a test for their return trip on day 4, day 5, or day 6 of their stay. These travelers do not have to undergo the antigen test at PG, but must have their return-journey test result sent to PG. All travelers must arrange the test for their return with a commercial company and pay for it themselves.

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