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Statement by Island Governor Edison Rijna on April 29th 2021

Kralendijk – Good afternoon,

As I explained to you last week, this year we are not able to celebrate Dia di Rincon as we have previously been used to. It is possible, however, to celebrate this day with your family if you adhere to the rules that apply to risk level 4. People who form one household together may visit another family, but no more than 10 adults may come together.

It is not permitted to hold parties nor events. To prevent gatherings, I explicitly request everyone who does not live or work in Rincon not to go to Rincon! There are no festivities. There will only be some virtual activities, which may be followed via social media.

Should there be gatherings in Rincon anyway, the police will act immediately. The Public Prosecution Service announces that the fine for gatherings will be increased to a maximum of $ 280. The fine for violence against the police and for insulting the police will also be increased.

All these precautions are put in place to prevent coronavirus from spreading. We are very sorry that Dia di Rincon cannot take place. I am standing up to protect the health of all people. I appeal to you to be responsible citizens and I hope you will comply, so that next year we can celebrate Dia di Rincon in the normal way.

I would especially like to ask our young people to adhere to the rules in place. Keep in mind that if you behave irresponsibly, there will be consequences for you, your family and our society.

Finally, I would like to point out that this statement has also been translated into Dutch, Papiamento and Spanish and these texts will be published on social media so that the whole society is informed.

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